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Another one of my favorite Bruce songs. . . enjoy!

Another Friday Flash story! Read it here:

A song I wrote for 9/11. It's not for those who perished. It's not for those who lived. It's not for those who have been protecting our country since that day. It's for everyone because we are all one nation and we can never EVER forget that day.

I feel empty in a world so full
The long road of faith seems so cruel
How can we judge the right from the wrong
When all we have is all that’s gone

Hearts still beating from the chime of a bell
The sound of your breath blows in the wind as it fell
The dust covers my eyes I can’t see
Like a blanket of warmth we pray for peace

Hold on for today
Hold on for tomorrow
Because we still have the day after today

The silence takes me away
As we know there’s nothing to say
The floods of tears fill the streets
The broken hearts, the broken eyes, all the dreams

Remember what we all knew
About the world until we see the truth
I’m alright a whisper cries
At the longest minute of every night

Hold on for today
Hold on for tomorrow
Because we still have the day after today

Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women
Blessed the fruit of thy womb Jesus
Mother Mary mother of God
Pray for us sinners now
And at the hour of our death

The years have passed, does it get better
More lives lost from one day
Take your pain, rest it in my hand
My heart is stone, my eyes are blind
But I’ll never forget. . .

Because we’re going to build a house right here in this room tonight
We’re going to take fear and build a house of love
Doubt and build a house of faith
Despair and build a house of joy
Sadness and build a house of happiness. . . and hope. . .

Cover of Bruce Springsteen's AMAZING song The Wrestler.
(Please note the opening words are something I wrote that I felt worked with the song and movie.)
Bruce didn't give me permission to post this, but I don't care – I'm sure he'd enjoy it if he heard it!

Chapter 3 to my novel which is on Go there to read the rest!

Enjoy another #fridayflash story!

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